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What We Do

GreenHeat Renewables is a company specialising in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of renewable systems for domestic applications. 


We cover a wide range of renewable energy solutions including:

  • Air source heat pumps 
  • PV solar panels  
  • Battery storage 
  • Electric Vehicle Charging 
  • Air Conditioning

Greenheat as a company aim make the decision of installing renewables easy and transparent.

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What We Are Good At

We pride ourselves in giving great advice and service.

Over 20 years combined industry experience

We are engineers not sales people

We install market leading heat pumps

Fully MCS certified

Members of the RECC

Members of NICEIC and Gas Safe

Renewable Heat Incentive

Rising global concern over environmental issues and particularly climate change has focused attention on the utilisation of renewable energy. The UK Government recognises ASHP’s as a renewable energy source under the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme; The RHI will pay back the owner of the equipment for the free energy generated in a similar way to the FIT (Feed In Tariff) for Solar PV systems. In order for the installation to quilify for the RHI, the manufacturer of the heat pumps and the installer must be Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS) registered.


Find out if you are eligible for RHI

Why Choose GreenHeat?

An ASHP takes low temperature energy from the external air and upgrades it to a higher, more useful temperatures. They can provide an energy efficient, low carbon form of space heating because typically for every kWh of electrical energy used to operate the ASHP the resulting useful heat output is three to four kWh. The cost of energy provided by the ASHP is less than the cost of heat provided by a gas/oil boiler, even though the cost of electricity is higher than the cost of gas/oil. 


An ASHP is installed externally of the building. The air source will be directed through the use of a refrigerant circuit. Air will be drawn across the evaporator by use of a fan. 


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