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How does it work?

Theres 3 main steps into how you get nice cold air into your room, although it is a little boring. 

The evaporator inside the air con system contains subcooled refrigerant, a fan blows air across the subcooled liquid as it passes through small fins or blades. This results in cold air being blown into your room. 

The same is now available for warm air to be produced from the same air con units for those cold winter days. 

How does that work? Well, the same…But in reverse. 

Why get an air con unit fitted?

There are multiple reasons for having aircon installed in your house these days. Some of the main ones are: –  

  • Asthma – Air con has been proven to reduce the humidity of your home and vastly remove the amount of pollenMold, mildew and many other outdoor allergens that are known for triggering asthma among other conditions. 
  • Security – When you are air con installed in your home there’s no need to have to leave doors and windows open on those really hot days and nights. Air con works more efficiently when everything’s closed! 
  • Sleep – studies have shown that the larger percentage of us prefer and actually sleep better in a cool room. 

Air con is actually a lot more efficient than it used to be and doesn’t come with the heavy price tag that people might think it does, they typically demand 30-50% less energy than systems of only a few years ago – Even LESS if you have solar panels fitted. 

The last real reason I think everyone is heading towards air con more these days are the summers. Theres no denying the summers are getting hotter and hotter each year and trying to escape the heat at night can sometimes be unbearable. 2016 saw us in the hottest year ever since records began and that are only looking at getting warmer. Don’t suffer the summers. 

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Renewable Heat Incentive

Rising global concern over environmental issues and particularly climate change has focused attention on the utilisation of renewable energy. The UK Government recognises ASHP’s as a renewable energy source under the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme; The RHI will pay back the owner of the equipment for the free energy generated in a similar way to the FIT (Feed In Tariff) for Solar PV systems. In order for the installation to quilify for the RHI, the manufacturer of the heat pumps and the installer must be Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS) registered.


Find out if you are eligible for RHI