Batteries & Storage

Battery storage is the future of electricity the aim is to store free solar.

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Battery Storage

Battery storage is the future of electricity the aim is to store free solar or cheap night tariff electricity to use at night when electricity cannot be generated by solar PV.


It can also be used as a backup power supply for when your home loses power from the grid 


Or it can be used as an off grid system being charged solely by your PV solar panels to be used at night when you are not generating electricity. 

Combine your EV to your battery storage installation the re feed power from your vehicle back to your house to take the load from the national grid or live almost completely off grid. 

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Solar PV FAQ's

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No absolutely not you can install battery storage alongside your current PV installation 

There are different types of battery storage systems which can be installed in different ways to maximise the output of your installed system AC coupled and DC coupled 

AC coupled can be changed by solar panels or by the grid making them more flexible but slightly less efficient  

DC coupled get charged directly by the solar panels making them more efficient due to not having to convert DC-AC-DC to store in a battery.  

The lifespan of a battery very much depends on how the battery is used the make, model, depth of discharge these all contribute to how long the battery stays serviceable. Most manufacturers give a warranty of 5 to 10 years and the biggest companies now offering to replace batteries when they drop below 80% performance. 

When spending money on battery storage to run with solar PV it is highly recommended to use electricians with qualifications for installation of battery storage and PV systems we have all the qualifications relevant for these installations 

Renewable Heat Incentive

Rising global concern over environmental issues and particularly climate change has focused attention on the utilisation of renewable energy. The UK Government recognises ASHP’s as a renewable energy source under the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme; The RHI will pay back the owner of the equipment for the free energy generated in a similar way to the FIT (Feed In Tariff) for Solar PV systems. In order for the installation to quilify for the RHI, the manufacturer of the heat pumps and the installer must be Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS) registered.


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