Solar PV

Solar PV installations use the power of the sun to generate Green low to no carbon electricity compared to traditional ways.

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What is Solar PV?

Solar PV installations use the power of the sun to generate Green low to no carbon electricity compared to traditional ways of generating electricity. 

solar PV provides a low maintenance way of providing electricity in daylight hours it is also quietened a cost effective way of going green.


With technology now moving on and manufacturers supplying fantastic looking all black panels or an integrated system you can keep integrity of your home or premises whilst going green. 

Solar PV Uses

Solar PV can now also directly charge your electric vehicle, generate hot water or charge your battery storage system or become self sufficient all which save money and reduce your carbon footprint. 

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Solar PV FAQ's

Still have questions? See if we were able to answer them below.

Relatively in expensive and generally you will get the money back you have invested. 

Unfortunately not Solar PV requires direct sunlight 

Yes and no depending on the daytime light providing enough energy to power your panels. You can always charge some batteries with excess power produced in the daytime to use at night. 

Only by a qualified team member they will come and assess the roof, electrical installation and space required for the installation. 

Solar installations require little to no maintenance over their effective life they are designed to last around 25 years and how no mechanical moving parts so wear and tear is none existent if installed correctly. 

Depending on where the panels are installed they may need cleaning every now and then. 

Solar panels keep the carbon footprint of your property low thus increasing the EPC rating of your home which in turn can make it more desirable for prospective buyers. 

Renewable Heat Incentive

Rising global concern over environmental issues and particularly climate change has focused attention on the utilisation of renewable energy. The UK Government recognises ASHP’s as a renewable energy source under the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme; The RHI will pay back the owner of the equipment for the free energy generated in a similar way to the FIT (Feed In Tariff) for Solar PV systems. In order for the installation to quilify for the RHI, the manufacturer of the heat pumps and the installer must be Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS) registered.


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