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We at GreenHeat, use the latest systems that use renewable energy that creates a comfortable and inviting environment. With our leading solutions, we are confident that our solutions are going to transform your home or workplace, all of which ensures that you are also doing your bit for the environment.

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What We Do

At GreenHeat, we fit renewable air conditioning systems that are designed to fit your needs and meet your expectation. From heating your property during the winter to keeping you cool during the summer months, they are versatile and flexible in every possible way. They provide a low carbon footprint and significantly reduce utility and energy bills too. As we are all being expected to change our habits when it comes to how we use energy, now could be the time to take advantage of our renewable air conditioning solutions.

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Our Service Explained

When you use GreenHeat Renewables you’ll benefit from a solution that is efficient in all climates. Our air conditioning systems provide cooling in the summer and heating during the winter as they are fitted with both indoor and outdoor units. In addition, these versatile products also double-up as a dehumidifier, filter the air to remove pollen and dust irritants, are very quiet and have extremely low running costs.

Benefits for Customers

Choosing to become more environmentally friendly now will benefit you in the long run and that’s where we come in. By taking care of the environment around you with sustainable solutions you are going to benefit from the latest technology and that can help you save money and even earn money at the same time. Air Conditioning systems are beneficial for any home or business and more people are now understanding what they offer. Whether you are running an industrial factory or your home, with air conditioning in place your bills will reduce dramatically and the re-used energy makes a huge contribution to saving the planet.

Our Certifications

We’re experts at what we do.

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What We Offer

At GreenHeat we are skilled professionals in repairs and maintenance work for both residential and commercial air conditioning systems. Our exceptional standards provide superb value-for-money and customer satisfaction. The specialist team has built up years of quality fitting and installation experience. Our knowledge and expertise in renewable air conditioning services and products is first class at a very reasonable and competitive price. We aim to educate, offer guidance and change perspectives with our services that will set you up for a financially rewarding renewable future.

If you are interested in the possibility of installing air conditioning equipment like this at your home or premises please contact us anytime for a free quotation.

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