Air Source Heat Pumps

GreenHeat offers eco-friendly heating solutions and an extensive range of renewable economical air source heat pumps. Air source heat pumps are a perfect choice for anyone who is looking to install renewable energy solutions in their home.

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We strive to offer industry-leading air source heat pump solutions, ensuring that we have something that fits your specific needs. The size of your property will naturally dictate what type of renewable heat pump you need and we are happy to provide guidance and assistance if you are uncertain what suits you best. Our air source heat pumps are designed to offer you an environmentally-friendly solution and a completely new way of heating your home and accessing hot water.

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Our Service Explained

The air source heat pumps that we offer, extract heat energy from the air, even when it is cold outside, and use it to heat your home or property. All of our designs and variations of air source heat pump systems have intricate detail in their composition that makes them suitable for your specific needs. Our pumps are able to transfer up to and including four times more energy into a property as heat before reusing it to extract it. Read More

Benefits for Customers

Heat pumps have a wide range of benefits including;

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What We Offer

At GreenHeat, we are proud to supply and install a range of high-quality air source heat pumps for every customer. Our products encapsulate the main advantages of heat pumps which is to safeguard users in the battle against rising energy prices. Our range can achieve this because they use renewable energy to generate up to 75% of hot water and heating to meet your needs.

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