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solar 1

A client approached us for advice on a some work he wanted doing, we were more than happy to provide no obligation advice. The client wanted a complete remodel on his bungalow, and he wanted the following installing on the back of his remodel;
· A solar PV
· Battery storage
· EV charging point
· Air conditioning
Greenheat as a company were able to give the client the best advice for the products they were interested in, our in-house engineers we’re able to assess the client’s needs and deliver those needs

Air conditioning

Our in house FGas Qualified engineer met with the client to discuss what he wanted from an air conditioning unit, the client decided that he wanted to be able to heat and cool his bedroom and main living area. We were able to deliver the clients request within the time frame he requested. The client was more than happy with the install

PV Solar, Battery Storage

The client also wanted a solar PV system with battery storage to be installed, he also mentioned that he wanted to get an electric car. Our in-house electrical engineer was able to advise the best system to use for his requirements.

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