Solar PV

Solar power is a renewable energy taken directly from the sun. The Solar Photovoltaic (PV) cells that exist within a solar panel are pivotal for the renewable source of energy. They convert radiant energy from sunlight into direct current electricity (DC). Our homes use AC electricity (alternating current) so the DC electricity needs to be converted after it flows into an inverter. Using this type of energy is extremely rewarding as it can help to reduce energy costs and it is significantly better for the environment.

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What We Do

Solar energy is one of the most effective forms of renewable energy we offer and one of the most popular too. We at GreenHeat appreciate the value of this and make it simple for our customers to take advantage of solar energy and benefit from all that it offers. Our specialist solar PV solutions harness the natural power of the sun to create electricity that can be used around your property. Both homes and businesses alike can take advantage of our renewable solar PV solutions. Whilst reducing the amount of carbon dioxide you produce, your system can either produce electricity or it can be used to heat your home and water saving money on bills.

Our Service Explained

Solar panels can be used to meet a range of needs, which makes them suitable for small properties and large properties alike, all of which will enable you to take advantage of renewable energy. The solar PV solutions that GreenHeat provides are perfectly suitable to power homes and businesses, helping our clients to benefit from the flexibility that they offer.

Benefits for Customers

Solar PV installations are compatible with a range of renewable energy systems. This can include the likes of energy storage, heat pumps, solar thermal systems and wind turbines, providing you with even more potential to change how you access energy.

There are many other benefits that come with renewable solar PV:

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What We Offer

The main types of solar panel that we stock are:

Your choice of solar panel will naturally be determined by the intention of use. Each of our renewable solar PV solutions offer something unique that are designed for the varying needs of each client.

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